What Home Buyers Want When Shopping for Real Estate

What Home Buyers WantThere couldn’t be too many more important things in real estate than knowing what buyers want in a home. New home developers have to get that right and real estate agents who buy and sell resale homes and condos need to understand that too.

Let’s face it, the variety of features in a home can be endless. It is tough for anyone, even a seasoned realtor, to know what a particular buyer’s priorities are. However, knowing statistically what buyers are looking for is wise. Women may favour the kitchen and bathrooms, while men might favour a backyard or garage in the prospective home. But that’s not always the case, as particular needs might have more to do with location and neighbourhood.

Other than the lowest price possible, what do buyers want in a home?

Point2point conducted some research in the Canadian real estate market and came up with this list. These are words realtors used in their MLS listings. They are more than features however. They’re words that buyers respond to. And who can argue that buyers want beautiful, enjoy, quiet, perfect, huge, and bright?

  1. Hardwood floors
  2. Beautiful
  3. Stainless steel appliances
  4. Spacious
  5. Private
  6. Close to schools
  7. Enjoy
  8. Gas fireplace
  9. Bright
  10. Huge
  11. Perfect
  12. Quiet
  13. Shopping
  14. Washer dryer
  15. Pool
  16. Wood burning fireplace
  17. Electric light fixtures
  18. Lots of storage
  19. Dishwasher
  20. Garage door opener

Point2point also produced two other lists which showed different words/features used for homes over one million and under million. For listings under a million, spacious, washer dryer, close to schools, and bright were higher priorities. For homes over one million dollars, pool, huge, luxury, wood burning fireplace, and quality were more prominent.

These lists give some hints as to what’s on buyer’s mind when property value is a major consideration.

Next, decoratingdivas, an interior design firm ranked what they believe homebuyers want:

  1. Open concept
  2. Small
  3. Outdoor living space
  4. Neutral décor
  5. Upgraded, modern kitchens
  6. Smart growth density planned housing
  7. Green, eco friendly
  8. Linen closets and smart storage
  9. Energy efficiency
  10. Double car garages

Okay, that’s another perspective. Now what do buyers themselves want? According to the US NAHB, buyers are demanding:

  1. Energy-star rate appliances
  2. Laundry room
  3. Energy-star rating for the home
  4. Exhaust fan in bathroom
  5. Exterior lighting
  6. Bathroom linen closet
  7. Energy-star rated windows
  8. Ceiling fan
  9. Garage storage
  10. Table space for eating in kitchen
  11. Walk-in kitchen pantry

These surveys didn’t take into account main features of the home such as number of bedrooms, kitchen amenities, number of floors, number of bathrooms, finished basement or square footage. Perhaps these items aren’t as important as all the listed items above?

From these lists, you get a good picture of what buyers want in features and aesthetics. And buyers in each city would have preferences unique that city. Buyers in Calgary or Edmonton would be looking for different features than someone in Vancouver or Kelowna. The geography and weather are different giving rise to different wants and needs.

To learn more about the Calgary real estate market, visit Calgaryhomeboys.com. You’ll discover listings of million dollar homes and more modestly priced houses and condos. Calgary is booming and real estate is a viable investment opportunity.

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Guarding Your Family and Home Against Electrical Hazards

electrical safety at homeWith all the gadgets that we need to sustain our digital lifestyle, electricity is indeed an essential invention that has gone beyond the borders of how the first electric bulb was lit up to imitate the brightness of the day when night sets in. However, as what the line that the Spider-Man film made famous, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Electricity gives us the power to make our life more convenient but it should be harnessed in ways that this power could not harm us, our families or our properties. This is why electrical safety at home is your responsibility as a property owner.

Electrical safety should be a major priority especially if you have kids at home. There are numerous approaches of kid-proofing a residence to avoid accidents that arise from poor practical electrical knowledge. For instance, babies can get electrocuted if you do not cover your outlets. Damaged plugs and extension cords should be repaired or replaced as soon as it is noticed. Above all, you should keep your youngsters away from circuit breakers, switchboards or other electrical equipment that require advanced operation. Fire and electrical injuries are common to children and they should be protected away from these things.

Perhaps the most widespread reason behind residential fires are damaged or frayed electrical wires. To safeguard your family from possible fire hazards that emanate from electrical sources, you should double check that all wires and cords are in tiptop shape. After disconnecting all electrical device, you should be able to replace these frayed or broken wires at the earliest opportunity, . When you notice troubles within electrical outlets, be sure you are able to address this issue effectively. If not, then you should contact a qualified electrician to solve these matters for you. They should be able to make your home safer when you cannot solve these electrical matters all by yourself.

While it is not possible to predict when these electrically-charged accidents can happen and when these wire defects can lead to injuries, it is also realistic to note that these situations could be nipped at the tip if only you applied preventive measures beforehand. In addition, yearly electrical inspections are recommended to facilitate the general maintenance of your home’s electrical system. In the event that an electrical mishap is happening inside your home, it is best to contact 911 and ask for assistance immediately. Stepping up for the safety of your family and property is your sublime responsibility and that includes being vigilant about these electrical issues that needs to be sorted out.

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Maintaining Simplicity in Home Improvement

Simplicity in Home ImprovementSimple can also equate to beautiful. This simplicity in living can also be integrated in doing your home improvement project. For example, opting for complicated interior design concepts that are “busy” or mismatched could make you feel uneasy most of the time. Maybe it’s a chance to swap your color scheme into neutral tones and you can check out the organic fabrics and colors that can only be present in Asian decor. In decorating with Japanese style home concepts, you can make most out of its simple and flowing concepts. It can deliver an ambiance that relieve stress and change your home into a retreat of calm and meditation. In fact, numerous interior designers at present incorporate simple concepts in plush resort lobbies, restaurants and office areas because it instills a sense of calm that is conducive to great conversation and fresh atmosphere.

You cannot deny that contemporary interior design ideas reveal endless possibilities for any living area. For example, with Japanese bedroom accessories, a low profile Tatami platform mattress and matching furniture freshens up the space in the room as well as makes it more relaxing. Japanese design furniture can also add a contemporary yet functional look to your own living room, dining room and make it more of an area with a deep breathing space, rather than looking cramped or dull.

In case you are contemplating on embellishing any room with Japanese style furnishings, you may want to consider new floors as well. Tatami mats and unique hardwood flooring are an excellent starting point. Then build from there with some Japanese tea tables, Asian man-made fiber covered cushions, Shoji paper window treatments and Shoji screens can be perfect additions. Invigorate your room with fine Asian art work such as coordinating bamboo clean paintings or Sumi ink sketches. And for softer lighting, think about adding some slate walls sconces and floor lamps along with rice paper shades.

Let us also not forget how your electrical system should be simplified. Although wires and fuses might be complicated for ordinary people, qualified electricians make these things attainable for you. Find an electrician who will install the right system which will fit all the electrical demands for all the appliances and lighting you need to achieve the design concept you have in mind. Apart from being safe and efficient in all your electrical needs, your home will benefit greatly from a simplified electrical system which could be sustained for years to come.

Whether in interior design or mapping out your electrical system, simple is better. Making things complicated might just do you more harm than good. Getting ideas and recommendations from design and electrical experts should save you time and money in the long run.

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